Eqin - horses - indifferent,hard working, high appetite, generally strong bodied and have high endurance. Low intellect pool and no connection to magic by normal means

Ursin- bear - war like, friendly, battle hardened, lusty, open to challenges of all kind. Helpful in general, High endurance and strength stats, moderate intellect, low charisma, rare connection to magic results in powerful casters

Leonin- Lion - honorable, kind,dutiful to promises, generally value honorable individuals,highly sexual. High dexterity and endurance,  moderate strength,  moderate intelligence checks, some connection to magic

Tigrin -tiger- Value intelligence and charisma, max dexterity, moderate endurance, moderate strength, high charisma,moderate intellect, some connection to magic

Borin- Bulls/Cows - Max endurance, low intelligence, low charisma, high strength. Rare connection to magic. Docile until provoked, most Borin spend their lives as farmers and tillers,some as blacksmiths and armorsmiths. not very deviant, very friendly towards travelers.

Criosan- Dragonkin - high endurance, high strength, high intelligence, powerful connection to magic.  Criosan by nature are xenophobic, selfish, greedy,and cruel,often taking measures to ensure another under their service fails for personal benifit. They often do not do anything for kindness,apart from their King. It is unclear how he acts in private, but his servants are all quite happy under his service.

Wolven - Canine,all species- Max dexterity, moderate endurance ,moderate strength, low charisma, low charisma.  No connection to magic.

Wolven are very war like,and will instigate a fight for any reason to prove dominance. very little is known about them,aside from their emperor desires the entire world as his own.  Highly violent, Highly aggressive, and very mean spirited. Very few Wolven are kind and gentle,but are often social outcasts as a result of their docile nature.

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