Leos- Firstborn. Justice and Order is his domain. Leonin in black and gold armor, his mane on fire. Fire is his power, as well the sun. [Lion]

Chronis- Secondborn. Historian, archiver of past, present, and future. Owlkin with power over Time and Space. [Owl]

Frelia- Thirdborne. Goddess of Earth and the forests. Mother nature to children of Seraph. Power over Nature. [Tiger]

Hraig- Fourthborne. God of War and the tundric Ice. Viking armor coats this massive bears frame. Power over Ice and Strength. [Bear]

Solanir- Fifthborne. Crafter of Rivers and the oceans. Works with Freila to give the land health and beauty. Power over water. [Otter]

Gorn- Sixthborne. Sustainer of Grasslands and the fields. Mighty minotaur with horns that can piece anything. Power and gentle radiating from his being. [Bull]

Liska- Seventhborne. Goddess of emotions and love. Protector of beauty. Rainbow colors cover her form. [Phoniex]

Garm- Eightborne. Suducer and producer of demonic horde. Puppies of hellspawn, born in lust. Can fuck anyone, male or female, and spawn demon babies from their chest. Hellhound

Thalnos- Ninthborne. God of souls and corruption. Can take the power of a soul when killed, to strengthen or corrupt. [Dragon] 

Ires- Tenthborne. God of decay and illness. Disease and death are his domain. Plagues. [Canine]

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